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Numerico Road Segmentation

Segmentation is the act or process of splitting into segments. In image processing the term may refer to splitting images into semantically coherent units, or in business dividing a consumer market into subsets of consumers based on some characteristics. In the context of traffic management and the prediction of incidents our objective is to partition […]

Predicting Road Accidents

Road accidents carry heavy human and financial costs in every country. Our trials using road traffic data from the Netherlands’ indicate that a proportion of these accidents can be mitigated using predictive modeling to determine risk and suggest interventions before accidents occur. In the Netherlands, each year there are approximately 20,000 incidents on the main […]

Data Imputation Algorithm

Mending the fabric of data with closed-loop neural networks It is a common mantra in data science that the majority of time is spent on cleaning/munging/wrangling data rather than on modelling. Producing clean and structured datasets is essential to train useful machine learning models. Inevitably real-world datasets tend to be noisy and incomplete, especially when […]