How AI planning enabled the Dutch Road Authority to achieve a 20% reduction of incident response time

How AI planning enabled the Dutch Road Authority to achieve a 20% reduction of incident response time

“Thanks to Numerico’s dedication and agility we managed to implement an innovative solution for our incident management process in record time.” 

Peter Hoernig
Program Manager at Rijkswaterstaat

Reaching incidents sites faster

With AI planning we reduce the time to reach traffic incident sites, by preparing road inspectors for the next incident and streamlining response when an incident occurs. With this solution road inspectors reach incident sites faster, saving more than 20% response time. In addition 256.000 phone calls per year between the inspectors and traffic centers are no longer needed. The system is used for incident management of all national roads in the Netherlands. 




less phone calls


national roads

AI planning for field workers

Numerico offers a complete solution for smart deployment of road inspectors and traffic incident response. The solution is offered as a SaaS with back-end integration, SSO integration and client applications for the road inspectors and traffic controllers.

App for the driver

Field workers (road inspectors) receive real-time status updates and advice on where to patrol to be closest to the next incident. 

“The Numerico mobile application really helps me by providing incident information and updates about where I should go next to improve incident response times.” 

Hugo Deurloo
Road Inspector at Rijkswaterstaat

Webapp for the traffic center 

Dispatchers and traffic managers monitor the deployment of field resources in real time, and organize resources for optimal readiness. 

“The Numerico solution helps me as a traffic controller. I can now deploy the best inspector to an incident instantly.” 

Wout Buikema
Coordinating Traffic Controller at Rijkswaterstaat

How does Numerico AI planning work?

Simulations, not rules

Find the best solution by trying, not by following rules.

Continuously adapt 

Adapt in real-time to the current situation.


Use incident risk prediction to be ready for the next incident.

Our team

We are a team of engineers and data scientists with extensive experience in Machine Learning, Logistics and Location Intelligence. 

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